Atlanta blogs today: East Atlanta kidnappings July 02 2007

So far, people have felt safe moving back into the city, but if another kidnapping happens, or if worse, one is successful, those condos will become very inexpensive very quickly and Real Estate Developers will egg on an already eager legislature to punish the city.

-Bloglanta on early Sunday morning's kidnapping of two men from an East Atlanta street. The two men were held captive in Cabbagetown while their kidnappers used their credit cards.

The victims were found unhurt and were home Sunday night.


Throughout the debate on immigration, polls have shown that most Americans are not the raging xenophobes leaders on both sides of the aisle feared and many on the right courted and ignited. Most Americans just want an alternative story to "amnesty for dark-skinned lawbreakers who steal our jobs and want to say the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish." They want a narrative that has the ring of truth--but comprehensive truth about comprehensive reform.

-Emory University professor of psychology Drew Westen on Huffington Post.


In reality, the iPhone is yet another symbol of the rape of the American consumer by a plutocratic oligopoly of the big cellular providers.

-Shelbinator doesn't like the iPhone.