Atlanta blogs today: Turn left July 10 2007

Is the DOT broken?

-Erick at Peach Pundit on a recent spate of stories about the Georgia Department of Transportation's general crappiness.


However, along the way I've found something appealing and endearing in the legions of fans who faithfully follow one driver, one sponsor, one car manufacturer just as they go to the First Baptist Church because that's where their daddy went and his daddy before. The simplicity of their loyalty has actually grown on me.

-Sara at Going Through The Motions on how she became a NASCAR fan and how Democratic politicians need to learn to relate to NASCAR fans.


Also, when I pay rent I will be taxed at 30%, whereas the guy who owns the land will not be taxed at all. Yeah, thats a real fair tax.

-Aging Hipster has problems with the income tax elimination proposal known as the Fair Tax.