Atlanta blogs today: Googling for sex July 11 2007

Looking at my stat counter for the day I see that at almost 3:00am I've reached my normal daily total of unique visitors.Why?Because there are that many people out there searching for the keywords "Genarlow Wilson Sex Tape".

— GriftDrift at Drifting Through The Grift on the prurient interest generated by discussion of the Genarlow Wilson sex tape.


Personally, I really don’t get offended when I hear it used in a hateful tone, and if one of the homies says it, whatever. Tupac Shakur redefined the word for my generation (N.I.G.G.A., Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished). I think we can give words power by reacting, or over reacting. Sure most people think of slavery, oppression, and nooses, when it’s used that way as a hate word, but say what you want. I know who I am. Even so, RIP.

— My Urban Report reflects on this week's symbolic burial of the word 'nigger.'


Was Huey Lewis not available? Or Mister Mister?

— CB at Rowland's Office on the choice of musicians to entertain the MLB All-Star Game crowd.

Please click on the link, if only to see the picture.