Atlanta blogs today: Stay of execution July 17 2007

This is fantastic news, though obviously not a final determination as to whether the execution will proceed but merely a little more time and hopefully a fresh look at the new evidence.

-Sara at Going Through The Motions, after hearing that the state Parole Board granted a 90-day stay of execution to Troy Anthony Davis. Several witnesses in the case have recanted testimony that helped convict Davis.


He Needs to Die.

-Erick at Peach Pundit is seemingly undisturbed about the possible killing of an innocent man by the state of Georgia. Aren't conservatives supposed to be for limited government?


I'm picking Whitehead to win with at least 65%.

-Jason Pye, on today's 10th Congressional District special election. The candidates are Paul "I endorse myself" Broun and Jim "Seal the Canadian border" Whitehead.