Atlanta blogs today: Crow eaten July 18 2007

Congratulations to Paul Broun. I’m eating crow for breakfast this morning, as I (like most others) predicted a Whitehead cakewalk.

— Jeff Emanuel at Peach Pundit, on Paul Broun's surprising victory over Jim Whitehead in yesterday's 10th congressional district special election.

Perhaps Broun can now use his power as a congressman to launch a federal investigation to determine how many guns Jim Whitehead owns.


I like the Falcons, and I am sorry Vick chose this path, but he did. Now, the bill has come due.

— Aging Hipster on the federal indictment yesterday of Falcons quarterback Michael Vick (aka Ookie and Ron Mexico.)

Who'd have thunk Marcus Vick would turn out to be the good son?


I think that I get my feelings hurt, or am disappointed, because I expect too much. Is it possible, that I put too much thought, guilt, worry, or anxiety into relationships, so much so, that I inadvertently cause the situation to go all weird? I wouldn’t think that this would be the case, because if it were, it would be the standard; and it isn’t.

I mean, I really don’t think that I do any of this outwardly, or even on purpose, but for whatever reason, I feel like there must be something that I do that makes people change. It is the only solution that I can come up with, although, it is really the only one that I can truly substantiate if it is reality. Again, I probably am over-analyzing things, but what if I am not? What if there is something that I do, something small, that causes these changes in my relationships with other people?

— Duane Moody wonders whether he's at least partly responsible for some of his personal relationships going "all weird."