Atlanta blogs today: We all Tube July 24 2007

7:41 I love it when Joe Biden gets riled up. I really think there’s a serious psychological component to my support for his candidacy; he sounds just like my dad sometimes.

— Blogger and Biden fan Shelbinator was in the blogger room at last night's CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate.

I caught about half of the debate and found myself in agreement with Sen. Biden on one of the campaign's key issues — Elizabeth Kucinich is also my favorite thing about Dennis Kucinich.


The debate would have been a lot better had it just been between Edwards, Clinton and Obama. I really like Kucinich and Richardson, but their chances at getting the nomination are only slightly above Gravel's.

— Jim V. at JimV.com on last night's CNN/YouTube debate


He was damn proud of voting for George W. Bush over John Kerry.

— Nita at Tondee's Tavern, on an interview with DeKalb County CEO and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia Vernon Jones