Word: Macon people angry

This month, Macon residents reacted angrily after Mayor Jack Ellis of Macon sent a letter to President Hugo Chavez declaring solidarity with the outspoken Venezuelan. A vocal critic of American foreign policy, Chavez called President Bush “the devil” at a United Nations meeting last September.

“I think the Mayor has absolutely every right to express his personal opinion, as we all do, but I want to make sure that the rest of the world doesn’t think that the entire city of Macon supports what he’s doing.”

— Democrat Rick Hutto, Macon city councilman, speaking on FOX News

“Telegraph readers filled 20 pages of comments on the macon.com message board before the content became so inappropriate that it had to be taken down.”

— Macon.com, the website of Macon’s the Telegraph newspaper

“C. Jack Ellis should take his muslim arse to Venezuela and get on his knees before Chavez! Hey Jack, you are as bad as Jane Fonda! You're a traitor!”

— Macon.com commenter “J. Hooker.” Ellis announced his conversion to Islam in February.

“I NEVER tell anyone I am from Macon. I am so ashamed our our so called Mayor. He is such a moron. He tries to act and talk so sophicated, but the true ignorant being shows thru. GO TO THE MUSLIM TERRITORY..........YOU AIN'T WANTED HERE!!!!!”

— Macon.com anonymous commenter

“All is not lost.”

— President Chavez, thanking Ellis for his letter during a televised speech lasting eight hours