Atlanta blogs today: Race man November 15 2007

Reverend Joe Beasley twice calls Senator David Shafer a “race man” and accuses him of trying to get the City of Atlanta abolished when Maynard Jackson was elected Mayor (in the early 1970s when Shafer would have been in elemetary sic school). You can hear it here.

— Erick at Peach Pundit, on WABE-FM (90.1) series "Saving Grady" about Grady Hospital.

Note, Beasley doesn't explicitly accuse Shafer of trying to abolish Atlanta. Instead, he seems to conflate Shafer with state legislators of the early 1970s.

Whether he's actually accusing Shafer of being the Doogie Howser of legislative racism is beside the point. Beasley is clearly trying to short-circuit a serious discussion about Shafer's legislation by calling him a racist.

Incidentally, Beasley also calls Maynard Jackson "the first mayor of the city of Atlanta."


Hey, it's raining outside

— Mel at Blog For Democracy helpfully notes that it's raining outside — as opposed to inside. Thanks, Sonny.


I suppose some Democrats are going to say, "Clinton managed to balance the budget and create a surplus." Clinton deserves some credit, but the Republican controlled Congress deserves just as much recognition for their part, like I said above...Congress holds the purse.

— Jason Pye accuses AJC columnist Jay Bookman of intellectual dishonesty for saying Democrats are more fiscally conservative than Republicans.

In the same post, Pye praises President Reagan for cutting federal spending, never mentioning that Democrats controlled the House of Representatives during Reagan's two terms.

Either they "hold the purse" or they don't.