Atlanta blogs today: Dick's picks and quoting quotations November 26 2007

'Our friend at Peach Pundit, Erick? What's Erick's last name? He criticized the gang or some of his people did, because we don't talk enough about local politics and we're not specific enough. And you know he closed up his shop Tuesday for Thanksgiving and we're here talking politics. I want him to know that.'

— Georgia Gang's Dick Williams, as quoted by GriftDrift. Peach Pundit was, in fact, regularly updated during the holiday week.


A local television news investigation last week uncovered the names of more than one hundred Georgia law enforcement officials who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). WGCL-TV found evidence that these officers sought — and in many cases received — special treatment.Offenders included both low and high-ranking officers.

— An excerpt from a disturbing story at TheNewspaper.com, quoting a WGCL-TV CBS-46 story, as quoted by Jeff Emanuel at Peach Pundit.


“The state is being governed through the prism of a Republican primary,” he said. “When that happens, some of the more radical ideas become viable.”

-- AJC.com's Political Insider, quoting state Sen. David Adelman, D-Atlanta. Adelman was apparently referring to the Glenn Tax.