Atlanta blogs today: What's the Buzz? November 29 2007

So I get off work tonight at about 11:50 pm (I’ll explain later) and there’s all these text messages, phone message and email congratulating me.

Buzz Brockway on the reaction to inclusion of one of his questions in last night's CNN/YouTube debate. The question is linked on Buzz's site.


As was the case during the last bit of rain we got, Lake Lanier dropped even further yesterday in spite of the rain. In fact, since this blog started (October 16), the lake has dropped every single day.

Atlanta Water Shortage answers the question "Did the rain help?"


What is it about politicians from Hope, Ark.? They sure know how to work a room. Huckabee may be a Bible thumper, but he's clever. And unlike that other Arkansas governor, I think he's genuine. I just don't want him to be president;

ATLMalcontent offers conditional props to Huckabee.