Atlanta blogs today: Greenovation December 05 2007

But hey, dreaming about tax ponies will mitigate the risk of recession. How long before we hear the Stache say that?

— flackattack at Tondee's Tavern predicts House Speaker Glenn Richardson will cite the state's economic downturn as another reason to support his tax overhaul.


"My wife and I both approached the podium during the period when remarks of citizens are permitted, but were physically blocked by the police chief at the direction of the Council," Gravitt continued.

Gravitt says that he plans to file a lawsuit against the ban and also seek a temporary restraining order against its enforcement.

— Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered quoting Alan Gravitt, who says he was banned from speaking during the public comment portion of a College Park City Council meeting.


Greenovation is a mash-up of green + renovation and I'm telling you it's hot, HoT, HOT, in Hotlanta.

— EcoHome Guy on eco-friendly home renovation in Atlanta.