Word: Friends of Duluth

Duluth, Ga., created a MySpace account this month to entice young people to comment on the suburb’s plan for development through 2030. As of press time, Duluth has 10 friends.

“I’m a tattoo freak! And a MetalHead. I live in Duluth with my 2 cats & my partner of 5 years, Lee. He hates MySpace so don’t expect to find him in my Friends List. Just look in my pics for the one that Looks like Opie Taylor.”

Demon Dawg, one of Duluth’s MySpace friends

“I HAVE 3 401 k ACCOUNTS AND A BUNCH OF Roth IRA..s. I. M not bragging i..m just being humble.”

John, one of Duluth’s MySpace friends

“I have no addictions to any substance that I know of. I don’t abuse alcohol, I have never used illegal drugs of any kind, and to be frank for a moment I didn’t face many of the adolescence challenges that face our high school students today regarding hormonal urges.”

AliAkbar.net, one of Duluth’s MySpace friends