Atlanta Blogs Today: Two pinches of Xmas with a dash of WTF? December 24 2007

I know everyone has better things to do these last two days before Christmas, so why don’t we all take a two day time-out from politics and spend some quality time with our families. At this time of the year, family comes first.

— Georgia Politics Unfiltered's Andre Walker, writing at Peach Pundit, and requesting a cease-fire on all things politique in the run-up to Christmas.


My two-year-old threw a kaleidoscope at Santa Claus today.

The holiday misanthrope in me is somewhat proud of that.

— Paige at the Avery Lane Experience, remembering that one of the true joys of Christmas is letting your babychild just be a babychild, eyeballs of part-time shopping mall elves be damned.


Late last night in the Ponce Kroger parking lot, a white-haired man approached me and told me Shirley Franklin would arrest him if he asked me anything. When I told him I didn’t have any cash, he told me he could have found me a better black mayor in 1969. He then said some other things I couldn’t really understand but I think implicated me in Mayor Franklin’s ascendancy to office and her subsequent vendetta against this man. “She ain’t my mayor,” he said a few times as he wandered off.

— Christa at PecanneLog. The white-haired man — we hope — was not Jim Wooten.