Word: 'She has checked out'

Bloggers and community bulletin-board contributors are increasingly voicing frustration with Mayor Shirley Franklin’s leadership.

"And to think that our mayor has the time to write a letter on behalf of Michael Vick, but can't be bothered to address the problems with Chief Pennington and his department."

— PETERK30310, commenting on the Yahoo! group Capitol View Homeowner’s Forum Dec. 22. Mayor Franklin wrote a letter asking the judge in the Michael Vick case to grant the former Falcons star leniency.

"No, I'm talking about her failure to run basic functions of a major city government. Things like roads, traffic lights, issuing permits, crime, and cleanliness . . . Shirley doesn't have time to bother with such trivialities. She's on vacation. It's someone else's job. She has checked out and is waiting for the next mayor to take over."

— Blogger decaturguy at the Atlanta Publics Affairs blog Dec. 28

"Maybe instead of supporting common criminals, she can write letters and speak out on more important issues such as police corruption, the Atlanta Housing Authority Fiasco, the Beltline's effect on low income residents, or Grady."

— Blogger A Mad Democrat Dec. 14