Word: 'What I like about Obama'

Atlanta's African-American leaders are impressed by Sen. Barack Obama's ability to energize and inspire presidential primary voters.

"What I like about Barack Obama is that he's energizing a population that is not typically energized. And that he is providing inspiration."

— Mayor Shirley Franklin, endorsing Obama on V-103's (WVEE-FM) "Frank and Wanda in the Morning" on Jan. 9.

". . . I believe he gives Georgia Democrats our best chance of retaking the White House in 2008 and building the coalition necessary to bring change as President."

— Rumored Atlanta mayoral candidate and state Sen. Kasim Reed, endorsing Obama on Jan. 7.

"Thank goodness for what Obama has been doing in Iowa and New Hampshire. It's historic. He's tapped into a part of the electorate looking for something different, something new."

— Rep. John Lewis, speaking to the AJC on Jan. 8. Lewis has endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton.