Atlanta blogs today: Homophobic drought January 15 2008

It also makes you wonder, if they were looking for a viable excuse to get rid of the festival in the first place, and the drought made for the perfect scapegoat?

— Duane Moody wonders if the mayor's decision to keep Pride out of Piedmont Park this year because of the drought might simply be a convenient excuse to thwart the GLBT community's biggest annual party.

Duane may be on to something.

The mayor also told the Dogwood Festival people that they couldn't have their festival in Piedmont Park. What color are Dogwood blossoms? WHITE! Think about it.


The Speaker claims the Senate “shirked” its responsibilities today. I say we did exactly what we were sent here to do – to carefully and thoughtfully decide which actions benefit the people of Georgia.

— Sen. Eric Johnson, R-Savannah, blogging for Peach Pundit, calls B.S. on fellow Republican Speaker Glenn Richardson.

Long story short, the House voted yesterday to override 12 of Gov. Sonny Perdue's vetoes from last year. The Senate is constitutionally required to "immediately consider" the House vetoes. Speaker Richardson is claiming "immediately consider" means vote now. Sen. Johnson says "immediately consider" means start reviewing it carefully.

CL's Scott Henry explains more here.


I think that shows the difference between Clinton and Obama. Bill & Hillary Clinton have displayed an interest in civil rights as well as the larger African-American community even when they weren't running for office. Obama on the other hand, well...he needs the black vote...enough said.

— Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered thinks Clintonic interest in civil rights and African-Americans is sincere, but Obamanian interest is just political.

I wonder if he laughed when he wrote that, because I laughed when I read it.