Atlanta blogs today: Sayonara, Sugg January 16 2008

Please start with a research project focused on creating the Flying Suit from the Jetsons. Not only would that be super cool, but I predict massive benefit to our current transportation mess.

— flackattack at Tondee's Tavern, on what he wants soon-to-be-sorta-former CLer John Sugg to research once he starts his think tank.


excluding gas spent to drive home from south carolina for christmas, i have put $30 worth of fuel in my vehicle this month. my average weekly fuel bill prior to the switch was more than $110.

i have finished one full book, read the first half of the old testament and begun an detailed commentary on the gospel of john.

— James at the arc of time has given up driving for MARTA.


Several blocks of Glenwood just inside I-285 were shut down with dozens of police cars blocking access to Glenwood from side streets and parking lots. A police helicopter was still circling overhead.

— Decatur-DeKalb on this morning's killings of two DeKalb County police officers responding to a report of a suspicious person. The suspects have not been caught.