Atlanta Blogs Today: Muggings, funds, WOOT! February 07 2008

People, be careful. Especially women. Which I really hate saying because fear really sucks. Just be smart and be careful and maybe you can avoid being afraid.

— Christa at PecanneLog writes about a friend of hers who was robbed outside her Kirkwood home. The police officer who responded to the call told her friend that there has been a "rash" of these types of crimes, including break-ins and robbers forcing people to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Remember this budget is about choices. If we can give Delta a 30 million dollar tax break on jet fuel, we can restore 30 million in education cuts to our poorest counties.

— FlackAttack of Tondee's Tavern points out Gov. Sonny Perdue's recent reductions in education funding. Update: The House Appropriations Committee reinstated the funds.

Least shocking statement of the day:

I have high regard for Limbaugh.

Of course you do, dear. After all you are brothers in the belief that facts matter less fury.

— James at Drifting Through The Grift, writing about Jim "WootDawg" Wooten, Atlanta's most favorite Orville Redenbacher impersonator.