Atlanta Blogs Today: Dixie media criticism, Franklin's legacy and Vernon does LaGrange April 15 2008

Fire the editor! Fire the publisher! Fire somebody! Hell, call a fucking exorcist over to Marietta Street at this point. There really should be an award given to this story for the hideous, patronizing writing “style.” From the AJC — apparently now hiring only the most ridiculous writers on the planet.

— Spacey at Mostly Media blasts the city's only daily for running what she considers an unrevealing fluff piece about Michelle Obama's former roommate at Princeton. AtlMalcontent praises the work, offering the notion that it's more revealing than it appears.

It is becoming more and more clear that Shirley Franklin's legacy, which once shined so bright, has turned to dust.

— Decaturguy at AtlantaPublicAffairs touches on the city's continuing crime issue and says it may join sewer repairs and greenspace preservation as part of Mayor Shirley Franklin's legacy.

On the campus of LaGrange College, Dr. Vernon pulled out his stethoscope, gave the nation a full physical, and diagnosed the U.S. of A with a cold.

"America has caught a cold, and it needs to get well," the two-term DeKalb County CEO said.

— Andre at GeorgiaPoliticsUnfiltered writes about DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones' visit to LaGrange College and his chances for winning his U.S. Congressional campaign in a refreshingly diverse political climate.