Word: "Wandering free"

On April 8, a wounded zebra was found eating grass along I-75 in Butts County. Nine days later, a pig was found wandering the median on I-75 in Cobb County.

"The Department of Natural Resources called us Tuesday morning and said they had a zebra fall out of the back of a truck, and from there he was struck by a car and he was standing there on the side of the highway eating grass,"

-Charlie Hedgecloth, of the Locust Grove animal rescue group Noah’s Ark, as quoted by WTVM-TV in Columbus on April 11.

“hmm... you think someone would have noticed that their zebra was missing...”

-Digg.com user bluetide17, commenting on the story on April 10.

“The pig, reportedly wandering free in the median, was later tethered to a guardrail until two Marietta police officers arrived — one of whom ended up using his Taser gun to subdue it.”

-11Alive.com’s Chris Swiegart on April 17.