Atlanta Blogs Today: Check your bags, check your staff, check yo'self June 02 2008

For an organization with such a large recycle center on site, DFM should make reusable bags easy to use. This might require a change to the way things have always been done in the past, either with a Costco-style receipt checker or designated types of bags that can be taken into the store…just thinking out loud here.

— Nicholas at DecaturMetro makes a case for the DeKalb Farmer's Market to ease its at-times stringent bag policy so shoppers can bring their own.

Of the fourteen paid staff positions listed on the state Democratic Party’s website, four are held by women and none of the female staffers hold any of the “director” positions (i.e., executive director, communications director, field director, finance director, canvass director, or call center director).

— Andre at PeachPundit says the state Democratic Party staff is underrepresented by women and African Americans.

Nobody listens to flackattack. Yes, suspending the tax is a no-brainer, but going through this routine every freaking year is getting a bit tiresome.

— FlackAttack at TondeesTavern bangs his head against the computer about Gov. Sonny Perdue's suspension of the state gas tax increase. Click on the link above to read how he thinks it should be altered and annual suspensions like this avoided.