Word: Travelin' Light

At a June 2 press conference, Gov. Sonny Perdue announced that he has halted a state gas tax increase because of high prices at the pump and tough economic times. And what did he say about commuter rail or using less gas? Nada.

"I'm persuaded we've got great reserves here that we can bring to the market very quickly rather than being held hostage from the international perspective."

The governor on why the U.S. should drill for oil.

"I've seen people do it. I see them ride a little car for a little while, and then they're back in big vehicles after a while.”

Perdue's response when asked if he'd consider switching the state's fleet of vehicles or his personal transport, a SUV, to hybrids.

"I travel pretty lightly as most of you know."

Perdue says his retinue is smaller than that of most governors. Perdue has visited at least 14 Georgia cities since April 24. After the press conference, he flew to Savannah.

(Photo illustration by John Yardley)