Word: 'White, southern, corporate dude'

Political commentators are divided over whether former U.S. Senator from Georgia Sam Nunn would make a good running mate for presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama.

“Some might doubt whether Obama is ready for that 3 a.m. phone call, but Nunn – who is already an Obama policy adviser – certainly would be, especially in an era when that phone call is ever more likely to involve a loose nuke.”

– Michael Crowley, June 25, The New Republic. Nunn is CEO of the anti-proliferation non-profit Nuclear Threat Initiative.

“Nunn was not above channeling base, "yuck factor"-based objections to homosexuality in service of his retrograde policy views. Even today, he only says he'd "reconsider" Don't Ask Don't Tell, and insists he was right in 1993.”

– An excerpt from "Having Nunn of It,” an online petition against selecting Nunn as Obama’s running mate.

“Putting a 70-year old, white, southern, corporate dude on the ticket would almost entirely wipe away any notion that Obama is a "change" candidate.”

– Chris Bowers, June 16, on the blog OpenLeft

"Few things are certain in presidential politics, but here are three: it will be expensive; it will get negative; and, at some point, former Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia will be mentioned as a possible Democratic running mate."

– Mark Leibovich, June 22, New York Times