Atlanta blogs today July 10 2008

— The Peach Pundit reports on a complaint filed against Clayton County District Attorney Jill Scott, who is running for re-election, and her husband, Lee, who is running for the chair of the county commission. Their campaigns sent emails offering to pay $85 for "volunteers" on primary day. The complaint says they are essentially paying for votes.

— A new blog called Georgia Premium has linked to the campaign disclosure forms of Jim Martin and Rand Knight, both of whom reported substantial debts.

— At Rachel's Tavern, there's a fascinating essay by Sewere, a black man from Nigeria, on interracial dating. He says that even in Nigeria, there are serious cultural limitations on dating within African ethnic groups.

— And over at Live Apartment Fire, Doug Richards has plenty of free advice for Steve Schwaid, the new news director at WGCL-46. Among them: Send Dagmar Midcap to meteorology school.

— David O'Brien over at the AJC has turned his Atlanta Braves blog into a must read. Today's discussion includes whether the Braves should trade for Colorado outfielder Matt Holliday and how painful it was to watch Andruw Jones get booed in Los Angeles during the Braves series with the Dodgers.