Atlanta blogs today July 14 2008

— Our buddy over at ATLmalcontent delves into the outrage over the satirical cover for this week's New Yorker, which depicts Barack Obama as a Muslim terrorist and his wife, Michelle, as a '60s radical complete with an assault rifle and ammo belt. He also whips off my favorite line of the day: "Must we always play down to the audience, sanitizing cleverness so as not to confuse the stupid?"

— What does it take to be a male feminist ally? Glad you asked because over at Being Amber Rhea, the burning question is answered. And, as it turns out, it's not so easy. In fact, there's a whole list of qualities it takes to be a proper male feminist ally, and giving mere lip service isn't nearly enough.

— Can the quest to become a male feminist ally cause an existential crisis? Perhaps. But Maigh's existential crisis seems caused by a move to the burbs. Her hope is that her purchase of a new loft/condo in Downtown will make her feel whole again. I hope so, too, because she has the best mission statement I've ever read: "I ramble. You read it. It's a clean and simple relationship." Ah, if only all relationships were so simple.

— Juliana at Blog For Democracy takes a break from politics to note the passing of the world's oldest blogger, an 108-year-old woman from Australia.

— Over at the Bitchslappin' blog, there's a theory that calculating our Carbon Footprint is already yesterday's news. The new catch phrase here in Georgia is our Water Footprint, self-sufficiency vs. dependency, as in: Hey, we're running out of the stuff.