Atlanta blogs today July 15 2008

Griftdrift returns from a snorkeling adventure in the Gulf of Mexico to weigh in with a spot-on analysis of Secretary of State Karen Handel's decision to remove PSC Commission candidate Jim Powell from the ballot, and a judge's subsequent decision to put him back on the ballot.

—Lori posts a pictorial tribute to Fire Station No. 7, which was closed yesterday due to the city's budget crisis, on Mingaling. There's nothing there about Shirley Franklin going "Philadelphia" on the protesters who don't want to lose their fire station — and almost needing her own fire put out — but there's some pretty pictures.

— Over at Jason Pye's blog, he passes along info that Bob Barr, former CL columnist and now presidential candidate, has opened up an on-line store where you can pick up campaign t-shirts and hats. They're spiffy.

— In a campaign of a different sort, there's a long back and forth on ATLmalcontent regarding a fellow blogger's tome on the requirements for a male to be a feminist ally. Which is something we should all aspire towards, no?

— A new trend in Atlanta television news is called "backpacking." No camping involved. Just news reporters doubling as camerapersons. Doug Richards at Live Apartment Fire explains how WXIA is trying to get a bigger bang for the buck. And essentially telling viewers: Expect less.

— Over at the Wren's Nest, someone has discovered that the family of Joel Chandler Harris sued Coca-Cola for copyright infringement in 1932. Br'er Rabbit didn't win because Br'er Coca-Cola out-foxed him.

— I'm still trying to figure this one out, but the ladies at Pecanne Log seem to have this inexplicable crush on our own Thomas Wheatley, to the point they appear to gush over him with every post. Today, there's no Thomas-gushing going on, but there is a nice sigh of relief that the Crum and Forster building has been saved from the clutches of demolition by those ramblin' wrecks over at Georgia Tech.