Atlanta blogs today July 16 2008

— Ah, a post-election hangover kind of day. As a break from the political winds, the folks over at Chicken Fat posted some recently-discovered photos of Willie B., the iconic gorilla that was the public face of Zoo Atlanta for most of his life. And, of course, he was named after former Atlanta Mayor William B. Hartsfield.

Peach Pundit has a round-up on the straw poll offered to Gwinnett County voters. One of the questions, whether MARTA should be extended to our neighbors to the north, was overwhelmingly shot down; 62 percent said no a split decision: 62 percent of the Republicans said no, 72 percent of the Dems said yes. My favorite question: Has the Republican Party moved too far to the left? Just over 57 percent said it has, but surely some of those are goofs from Democratic voters messing with the Republicans.

— As Live Apartment Fire notes, it was not a good day for former television reporters. Dale Cardwell, who used to be at WSB-TV, finished 3rd in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. And Steen Miles, once a reporter at WXIA-TV, finished out of the running for DeKalb CEO. Miles, by the way, was listed on the ballot as Steen "Newslady" Miles.

— For the best "quote of the night" check out Georgia Politics Unfiltered. It's a doozy.

— OK, enough about the election. The folks over at Moisten Manapkin were watching a movie and discovered that WGCL-TV hottie Dagmar Midcap is an actress in her spare time. Which gives me the excuse to use this link again.

— Can food be an aphrodisiac? That question is pondered over at Blog d'Elisson and inspired by a visit to the Waffle House in Temple, Ga. And who said inspiration can't come in strange places?