Atlanta blogs today July 21 2008

— Al Gore gives a speech that says we need to wean ourselves off petroleum in the next 10 years, and ATLMalcontent is skeptical. He thinks Gore is being rather hysterical.

— Gore is definitely against new off-shore oil drilling. But our governor, Sonny Perdue, thinks it's a swell idea. Reporter-Cub gives us a reality check: The last time the U.S. had an energy crisis, the oil companies explored off the coast of Georgia and discovered that there's no black gold/Texas tea out there.

— Folks in Dunwoody are pleased as punch to be Georgia's newest city. At Heneghan's Dunwoody Blog, John reports that 29 people turned out for a candidates training forum with the intention of running for mayor or city council. Leaders have also come up with a proposed vision statement for the new city.

— Doug Richards at Live Apartment Fire veers away from his customary posts on television news to talk about why the AJC still matters.

— Only 21 percent of Clayton County's registered voters bothered to go to the polls last week, and Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered wonders WTF? Look for Thomas Wheatley's insightful cover story on Clayton County in this week's Loaf.

— Speaking of young Mr. Wheatley, the sirens at Pecanne Log can't get enough of him. Another new post at Pecanne Log means another opportunity for a gratuitous shout-out to Wheatley. This time, they've found a personals site that features ads from wealthy men, including a group of of sugar daddies from Tucker. They're already fighting over the one with the boat.