Atlanta blogs today July 22 2008

Decatur Metro has found the city's annual report online. One interesting nugget: Decatur's population is declining despite a boom in downtown condos. Why? Household size is shrinking in the city.

— And InDecatur brings us up to speed on the latest city news, including Kid Rock's plea of no contest for his role in a Waffle House brawl in 2007.

— The state's budget is all in a mess, and flackattack chimes in at Tondee's Tavern on how state lawmakers are totally out of touch with reality.

— Over at Cracker Squire, Sid discusses how Rand Knight's union endorsements failed to give him a lift in the U.S. Senate primary. Now that those unions are backing Jim Martin, will it matter in the run-off?

Drifting Through The Grift thankfully shares another Morning Wooten.

— Just as fun, Preston Craig — the DJ host of the Decatur Social Club — is back online at Kiss Atlanta, with a couple of hot underground bands to help us get our groove on.

— What happens when a good friend reveals that he's HIV positive? ETK shares a sad, intimate moment on I'm Just Sayin'.