Atlanta blogs today July 24 2008

GriftDrift explains why he hates liberals, but really f*cking hates Republicans. His grumpiness is for our reading pleasure.

— And Jason Pye is grumpy with CNN's Lou Dobbs, who was grumpy on the air about our economy and the free-market. Pye's point? Dobbs really doesn't know what he's talking about.

— Has the "silly season" in Georgia politics officially opened? Andre over at Georgia Politics Unfiltered certainly thinks so. Exhibit No. 1 is an email from the Vernon Jones campaign that lashes out at Jim Martin for having "voted against Barack Obama" in the primary (Martin supported John Edwards for president). And, yes, this is the same Vernon Jones who twice voted for our current Republican president. Yep. Silly season is definitely here.

— How many times did Dagmar Midcap appear on yesterday's hour-long 4 o'clock newscast on WGCL-TV? Thankfully, our friends at Live Apartment Fire counted them. Our favorite: a lingering shot of Dagmar dramatically looking down (presumably at a weather radar) and tracking Hurricane Dolly. Glad she's on the case. The answer is eight, by the way.

— The folks at the Wren's Nest take us through their day, including the woman in the nightgown who sleeps in her car and parks it in their driveway.

— Over at Ashes and Glass, Sara celebrates the first day of vacation by sleeping late. Ah, the luxury.