Atlanta blogs today July 25 2008

— Maybe someone should remind Vernon Jones that if you live in glass houses, you shouldn't throw stones. Amy Morton at Georgia Women Vote comes up with the scoop that Jones gave a total of $1,232 to the Georgia Republican Party in 2001. His people say he had, just had, to attend W.'s Inaugural Ball. Oh, get real.

— Jones is trying to become Barack Obama's new BFF for good reason. At Tondee's Tavern, Andy lays out his theory on how Obama can carry Georgia in November.

— One of the most harrowing, and angry, blog posts I've ever read is at Politits. It's the story of a big black truck rumbling up I-75 ... and running over anything in its way.

— Staff Sgt. Daly is a former Atlanta television news cameraman now serving in Iraq, shooting video for the Army. And when he can get an Internet connection, he discusses his life over there in his Daly Briefing. Last weekend, he discussed a story he did on a hospital and how the Iraqi people have reached the point where they are starting to take care of their own needs.

— Poor Edwin at Chicken Fat. He tried out some genuine James Brown Hot Sauce and didn't start singing "I feel good!" afterwards.

— From the did-we-really-have-to-know-this? department ... Sara from Going Through The Motions reminds us that the little kid swimming on the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind album is now 17 years old. And that he's an apparent "disaffected douche." Thanks, Sara. Now I feel really old.

— The fine ladies at Pecanne Log have now officially crossed the line in their blatant crush on our own young Mr. Wheatley. Today, there's an entire post devoted to him. They're even referring to him as a "copper fox." Enough already! You have no idea of the egotistical monster he's turning into because of you. The Internet is a powerful tool that should be only used for the forces of good.