Atlanta blogs today July 29 2008

— Daily newspapers are struggling to keep readers and to find ways to make money via the Internet. Travis Fain at Lucid Idiocy speaks to all the people who no longer subscribe to the paper and, instead, read it for free on the Net.

— At Tondee's Tavern,  it's noted that Vernon Jones has little or no union support. And that must not bother him too much because he didn't show for the AFL-CIO candidate screening.

— Meanwhile, Georgia Women Vote! talks about the old-fashioned fish fry Jim Martin is going to have in Macon this weekend to garner grassroots support.

— It's obvious on the blogosphere that we are entering the dog days of summer. For you non-Southerners, that's the time of year when it's so hot that even dogs don't want to be outdoors. That fact must account for all the personal issues that have surfaced this week. At Mingaling, Lori talks about her bouts with anxiety-driven depression, and gives a pep talk to everyone who suffers from it.

— Hopefully she'll share that pep talk with Maigh, who writes eloquently about the passing of Amber the cat. Rest in peace.

— And ETK has her own pep talk to her friends at I'm Just Sayin, Life Observed.

— Sara never got around to renewing her car registration, and it turned into a long and expensive ordeal that she writes about on Going Through The Motions. Don't worry, gang, the dog days will be over soon.