Atlanta blogs today July 31 2008

— The Georgia blogosphere is still trying to sort through the ramifications that blogger Andre Walker's failure to disclose that he was working for state Rep. David Scott, even as he posted on Scott's campaign. There's been a lively discussion here on Fresh Loaf. And besides posting comments here, Driftgrift is spitting tacks here and also here. And Sara discusses it also at Going Through The Motions.

— A WGCL-TV news reporter was duped by a guy who claimed to have invented a way to convert tap water in fuel. Live Apartment Fire says it wasn't the first time the scam has made its way onto a news broadcast and asks the right question: Why didn't the reporter contact a scientist at Georgia Tech to see if water can actually be converted to fuel?

— The Daly Briefing follows the adventures of a former Atlanta news photographer in Iraq. Today, he's off for a trip to Umm Qasr, the lone port in Iraq. He writes about dealing with the heat in the desert and his unfortunate choice of a seat in a ride on a Blackhawk helicopter.

— A transplant from Long Island writes about the joys of homegrown tomatoes in Atlanta on Voted Off The Island.

— Edwin at Chicken Fat riffs on a question that's always puzzled me as well: Why do we talk to our pets as if they're going to respond?

— And, finally, Stephen Colbert has issued an apology for using the term "crappy Canton" to describe one of our fair cities. Reporter-cub has the link.