Atlanta blogs today August 01 2008

— Andre Walker at Georgia Politics Unfiltered gives a rather tepid apology for failing to disclose he was working for the campaign of U.S. Rep David Scott, D-Atlanta, even as he was blogging about Scott's race. Should he have made that disclosure from the beginning? Probably so, says Walker. But "probably" isn't good enough. Isn't his blog called Georgia Politics Unfiltered? Taking money under the table from a candidate you're covering means the news is being filtered. And tainted.

— Uh-oh, he's doing it again. Amy Morton at Georgia Women Vote says U.S. Senate candidate Vernon Jones has sent out another flier picturing him with Barack Obama. This one also includes photos of  former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun and U.S. Sen. Edward Brooke III, D-Mass., who happens to be the former paramour of Barbara Walters. Obama wasn't very happy the last time Jones tried to grab on to his coat-tails; this flier probably doesn't remind voters of that.

— Speaking of the U.S. Senate, Blog For Democracy incumbent Saxby Chambliss received $10,000 in campaign contributions from U.S. Ted Stevens, D-AK, who, oops, is under federal indictment for corruption. Will Chambliss return the money?

— Jason Pye discusses Eric Johnson's decision to end his tenure as the president pro tem of the state Senate so that he can run for lieutenant governor in 2010.

— At Tondee's Tavern, Adrian posts predictions for Tuesday's run-off and sees Jim Martin easily defeating Jones. What? You mean those Obama pics aren't working?

— With Dunwoody creating a new city from scratch, there's a move afoot to make it as green as possible. Sustainable Dunwoody says there's already a shortage of public park space.

— Christa, one of the fine ladies at Pecanne Log, pokes some fun at the AJC for its awkward foray into Facebook.