Atlanta blogs today August 05 2008

 — The good news is that the Shelbinator appears to be back from writing some dissertation or another. And what's he brought back with him? An "Obama Energy Plan" tire pressure checker, courtesy of the McCain campaign. Send in a $25 contribution to his "four more years of Dubya" campaign, and you can get one, too.

— Speaking of petroleum, Tondee's Tavern has some ideas on how the Dems can turn the off-shore drilling debate to their favor.

– The Daly Briefing lets fly with some inadvertent military humor in his dispatch from Iraq. Watch out for Foxx, the little kitten who thinks the world is his toy.

— The underground supper club Rogue Apron threw a dinner bash with a Mediterranean theme, and Disposable Income was there to give us a pictorial account. Yum. I want an invite to the next one.

— Delta has announced it will add in-flight WiFi on its entire fleet of planes by 2009, which makes Clayton over at Peach Pundit cry with joy.  Me, too. Nothing like a coffee shop with wings; one more place I can work.

— Over at Pecanne Log, Christa has extracted the Netflix list of favorite Atlanta movies. And even though Atlanta is the gay Mecca of the South, judging from the list it would seem straight people here no longer use Netflix.