Atlanta blogs today August 07 2008

— As the fall campaign season goes into full swing, Travis over at Lucid Idiocy notes that one reason voters are so cynical is because of all the lies, lies, lies that candidates expect us to swallow. When Paris Hilton becomes a political voice of reason, we know something's drastically wrong.

— For most of us, the Olympic Games have devolved into another made-for-television event that is very easy to ignore. Juliana at Blog For Democracy reminds us of one of the reasons the 2008 Summer Olympics still matter. Hankies not provided.

— Another heartwarming moment comes from the Daly Briefing, where our intrepid correspondent in Iraq gets a care package from home, and it's all about the Orange Monkeys.

— And yet another tug on the heart string from Live Apartment Fire, which discovered a video deep on the WGCL-TV website. It's "The Evan Thomason Show," a spoof on TV news that runs nearly 15 minutes and features a kid who is too adorably cute. Turns out the Make-A-Wish Foundation sent him to do a newscast at the station. The video is funny, it has a Dagmar Midcap sighting and hats off to the News 46 staff for being such good sports. In Evan, a new television star is born.

— The very-much-missed Atlanta song siren Kelly Hogan, who's now living in Chicago, turned me on to Blossom Dearie many years ago. At Cable & Tweed, Rich notes that it's the 50th anniversary of the jazz singer's best album. And Kelly, won't you please come home?