Atlanta blogs today August 08 2008

— It's no secret the state's facing a budget crunch. But Travis Fain at Lucid Idiocy reports that Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle says it could be worse than originally predicted. Cagle now says it could force the state to trim 10 percent from its budget, which would mean lay-offs and hiring freezes.

— That's one of the reasons that Amy over at Georgia Women Vote is so rip-roaring angry at Gov. Sonny "Let's go fish" Perdue for his little jaunt over to China for the Olympics.

— Over at Cracker Squire, Sid links to a Wall Street Journal story that says the Republicans are losing their grip on the South. Maybe it's because they're all traveling to China for the Olympics instead of trying to do something to fix the economy.

— There's a short My Morning Wooten posted by Driftgrift before he headed south in his super cool Mustang.

— Mike Barnicle, the former Boston Globe columnist who once had a showdown with the Red Sox because he refused to stop smoking a cigar in the stands at Fenway Park, was on  MSNBC and referred to bloggers  as " these nitwits with their computers." First up to respond: Dcup at Politits.