Atlanta blogs today August 11 2008

— As Clayton County tries to rebound from four years of chaos, B. King over at Terminal Station writes a thoughtful analysis on how Eldrin Bell borrowed from his experience in Atlanta politics to put together a successful coalition of candidates.

— After a long absence, DriftGrift offers up yet another "Morning Wooten". Fortunately, he saved up all those lost Morning Wootens and combines them all into one.

— Over at Going Through The Motions, Sara treats us to a few of her random thoughts. Most notably, she's not happy with John Edwards. Especially because he was cheating on his wife as she battled cancer. Sort of like a former Georgia politician of note handed his wife divorce papers while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer. Call us, John; we'll put you in touch with Mr. Gingrich so the two of you can commiserate.

Mingaling is getting married in a DIY ceremony, and she's sharing with us. Today's topic: How to make a Boutonnière for the boys.

— Most have applauded the city's recent crackdown and people hanging out in Barbara Asher Square at Five Points. But Arc of Time has a different perspective, arguing that it gives the city character and diversity.

— And, finally, it turns out we're not the only ones confused by this Russian invasion of Georgia. On the Georgia (that's state, not nation) feed for Lefty Blogs, are such headlines as: "Cheney: Russian aggression must not go unanswered" and "Russia versus Georgia; the reality of Obama’s candidacy" and, our fav, "Is Georgia the last Iraq casualty?" Time to get the hell out of here, ya know?