Atlanta blogs today August 18 2008

— A year ago, Amy Morton was in Iowa campaigning for John Edwards. On Georgia Women Vote,  she recounts her trip and a tender moment with Elizabeth Edwards.

— Speaking of disgraced political types, who gave Ralph Reed a ticket back into the party? [|ATLmalcontent] looks at John McCain's association with Reed and smells a "sell-out."

— The Atlanta PD plans to use undercover officers in the ever-continuing quest to get rid of panhandling downtown. At Terminal Station, B King wonders if that is the wisest use of manpower although he agrees something has to be done about the situation.

— Dave gives his Sunday AJC  a final read at Rather Than Working and shares the email he sent to Julia Wallace, the paper's editor. In short, he's disappointed with the cutbacks and isn't renewing subscription.

— Over at Reporter-Cub, there's a break from the usual snarkiness for an essay on how our inner-child helps define us as adults.

— And finally, Ashley at Random Atlanta has discovered just how rough times are: God is selling real estate. Ouch.