Atlanta blogs today August 22 2008

— It's always seemed a little greedy that Hartsfield/Jackson doesn't offer free Wi-Fi. Lifehacker has stirred up dust with a post that shows how to adjust the URL to get free Wi-Fi. TOTH to Mingaling, who has her own take on the controversy.

— At last, DriftGrift feeds my addiction to the "Morning Wooten."

— The folks at Disposable Income (and who has that anymore?) spend an evening sipping sparkling wines at One Midtown Kitchen. Our fav is one from Argentina named "Strip Tease." Now that I have your attention ...

— We're only in the 8th year of the 21st Century, but ATLmalcontent weighs in with his 10 best movies of the century thus far. I'm so culturally deprived that I haven't seen any of his Top 10 picks, although I'm a great fan of many of his honorable mentions. But I do know his list is incomplete without Kill Bill, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Spike Lee's When The Levees Broke, House of Flying Daggers and Momento.

— And, finally, at Live Apartment Fire, Doug offers insight on investigative television news stories and how a lot of legwork can ultimately lead to ... well, nothing. Except a quibble over an American flag that was made in China.