Atlanta blogs today August 28 2008

— Amy and Lauren are in Denver and blogging from the convention on Georgia Women Vote. They were both moved by a speech U.S. Rep. John Lewis gave this morning to the Georgia and Alabama delegations. Lewis will address the nation tonight before Obama accepts his party's nomination.

— One person not at the convention is WXIA-TV's political reporter Denis O'Hayer. As Live Apartment Fire notes, while the Democratic Party goes all historic on us O'Hayer was covering a tree that fell on the house. I'm personally disappointed that WGCL-TV didn't send Dagmar Midcap to Denver. After all, they seem to have her everywhere else.

ATLmalcontent has a complaint of a different nature. He's also watching the convention on television and thinks the three major cable news channels have pretty much dropped all traces of objectivity — they all seem to have a horse in this race.

— Dcup at Politits isn't in Denver either, but at least that has left her time to bake a very special cake in honor of Hillary. Yum!

— She obviously gave DriftGrift a slice because he has a sizzling Hillary-related "Morning Wooten" for our viewing pleasure.

— And finally, two very different MARTA experiences to share. Jamsmooth writes about a jamming smooth ride. But over at Arc of Time, a loud snorer and the shooting downtown almost sent their bus going the wrong way down I-20.