Atlanta blogs today August 29 2008

 — While everyone else is in a post-convention glow, Dave at Rather Than Working proposes that the Dems missed a sure bet when they didn't go after the Bush Administration for all their assaults on the Constitution. Like Guantanamo, warrantless wiretapping, and the political firings and hirings at the Justice Department.

— In honor of Obama's presidential nomination, Shelbinator takes us on a photographic trip through Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s old neighborhood.

— And Chicken Fat reminds us it's the anniversary of one of the defining moments of the don't-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-ass Bush presidency. One hint: Brownie.

— One of the truths that emerged from the convention is that, really, the MSNBC talking heads all dislike one another. Left On Lanier has posted a video retrospective of all that hostility.

— At Atlanta Public Affairs, Decatur Guy takes note that his mayor has called out Gov. Sonny Perdue for raising taxes this year. Mayor Bill Floyd reminds Perdue that he has to see constituents every day; unlike the guv, he can't hide in China.

— And, finally, the fine but ultimately misguided ladies at Pecanne Log post yet another tribute to our own young Mr. Wheatley. But calling him the poor man's Flip Spiceland?