Atlanta blogs today October 17 2008

— The final debate between Johnny Mac and "that one" is in our rear-view mirror and Amy at Georgia Women Vote agrees with scores of pundits who think J-Mac came across as a pissed-off old codger.

— And Paula at Blog For Democracy has the best, and funniest, analogy I've yet to see. Plus a cool video to bring it home.

DownRight makes the observation that conservatives are wondering how Obama is managing to pull ahead or pull close in most of the battleground states. One reason is J-Mac has run a bad campaign. But it's also because the media has a man crush on Obama.

Duane Moody usually writes about his favorite songs of the week on Fridays, and often includes a YouTube video. He's angry because record labels are making YouTube take a lot of the music videos down, which is wrong-headed greed at work. One report I saw talked about a couple who videoed their three-year-old dancing to a song, and posted a 30-second snippet so their friends and family could check it out. The record label claimed the video violated copyrights. Now that's just dumb.

— Speaking of which, Left On Lanier writes about a "pro-life day of silent solidarity" that was allowed in several local high schools this week. Essentially, if you're against abortion, you don't say a word all day. But what if the teacher calls on you to read your English essay to the class?