Atlanta blogs today October 20 2008

— Caribou Barbie’s appearance on SNL proves that she would have won the talent portion of the Miss Alaska beauty pageant if only she hadn’t brought out that danged flute. She even charmed Alec Baldwin. But as I wanted to tell the woman I saw wearing the over-sized “Palin Power” button yesterday, charm does not make a President. Or a VP. And in that train of thought, ATLmalcontent receives the “line of the day” award.

— DCup has a brief moment of pity for Johnny Mac at Politits in light of Colin Powell’s endorsement of “that one.” She says Bush not only screwed him over in 2000, he’s doing it again in 2008. But the polls are tightening and it’s too early to take things for granted. And considering what happened in 2000 and 2004, it’s not wise to make a foregone conclusion out of the presidential race. J-Mac’s not the only one who’s been screwed by the Bush regime.

— With the race tightening up and the gap between Democrats and Republicans growing smaller, even in Georgia, B King at Terminal Station writes that Georgia’s Democratic Party should be kicking itself for not fielding more candidates in the General Assembly races. Only 23 Republicans in the House even face opposition this year. What the Democrats need in Georgia is a strong leader to rally around, he argues. Problem is, there’s an acute shortage in that area.

— At Inside The Sprawl, Raleigh questions the logic of building a MARTA spur to the old Ford plant in Hapeville. Or at least building it before people actually turn up at what’s supposed to be Atlantic Station-South. Shouldn’t we be trying to put rail where people actually are? No, that makes too much sense.

— Atlanta television did an admirable job covering the suicide bomber who turned up at a lawyer’s office in Dalton, says Doug at Live Apartment Fire. Well, with one exception: WXIA apparently couldn’t afford the gas it took to send a crew to Dalton. It was the only local station that didn’t provide first-hand coverage of the tragedy.

— And, finally, either DriftGrift is transforming into a neocon in front of our eyes, or else the AJC’s Jim Wooten is transforming into a reasonable human being. It’s difficult to decide but, for the second week in a row, “My Morning Wooten” has turned into a love fest. With no vinegar.