Atlanta blogs today November 03 2008

— It's the eve of the elections and I sense a vague restlessness. Elections come and go, but this one feels different. There's anticipation and there's unease, a collective holding of our breath tomorrow night until the results are in and we know for sure the direction our country will go. Life On The Q offers up their "Georgia Voting Guide For Queers," complete with links to endorsements within the LGBT community. And they're definitely looking for "that one" to take the election.

— That rings true for Catherine at Blog For Democracy, who notes the similarities between "T-O" and Matthew Santos, the president on West Wing played by Jimmy Smits. She says she used to watch the show and wish he was her real-life president. I never watched West Wing, but after Smits left office became an assistant DA in Miami and decided to be Dexter's running buddy. Fun character on my favorite show since The Wire shut down. So I'm with Catherine, television character to televsion character.

— But what if some of us don't get to vote? With the long lines and long waits for pre-voting, it seems possible that the volume of voters might overwhelm the polls. Which is why the lovely Sara at Going Through The Motions can't understand why Secretary of State Katherine Harris (oops, wrong state) Karen Handel isn't extending voting hours. And Handel's excuse is lame — they're doing exactly what she says can't be done just a few miles up I-85 in North Carolina.

— Loved the moment is last night's debate when the Big Sax Machine wagged his finger in J-Mart's face. It was a great moment for Big Saxxy; he wouldn't have had the cojones six years ago to do that to Max Cleland. At Down Right, the argument is made that it's not the Sax Machine's fault he's lost a 20-something point lead. It's just a sign of the times. Personally, I hope J-Mart has a metaphorical bucket of water and goes all Dorothy on him so we can collectively sing the "Ding-dong" song. Great tune for the times.

— According to Amy at Georgia Women Vote, the Bibb County Republican Party has asked Macon police for extra security at their headquarters tomorrow night. She notes that if things go as predicted, the DUI Task Force might make for a more appropriate option.

— And, finally, it was a gruesome Sunday for Left On Lanier. All he wanted to do was enjoy the Falcons pull out their can of whup-ass on the Oakland Raiders. Instead, he got bombarded by commercials. The Big Sax Machine dumps on J-Mart, followed by J-Mart dumping on Big Saxxy. Over and over and over. Where, oh, where does it all end? Hopefully, it all ends tomorrow. And if not, dude, get yourself a DVR.