Word: What's the matter with Cherokee?

State lawmakers having a hard time with oral sex.

A Gold Dome rule of thumb is that an erroneous premise should never stand in the way of an opportunity to grandstand, pander and basically make a clown of oneself. The ball started rolling when Rep. Calvin Hill mistakenly assumed GSU offers classes on oral sex and prostitution.

“I’m personally outraged that our taxpayer money is supporting professors, that this is what they’re offering as their services.”

Rep. Calvin Hill, R-Woodstock, as quoted in the AJC

“Did you know the state universities offer special-interest classes and expertise on male prostitution, queer theory and oral sex? Yes!”

— Rep. Charlice Byrd, R-Woodstock, in a video she posted to YouTube

“I am sad that members of the GSU faculty had to … defend their vital research … because of ridiculous allegations.”

— Rep. Karla Drenner, D-Avondale Estates, in a Feb. 11 speech from the House well

“It’s been taken sideways by people who like the titillating words.”

Rep. Calvin Hill, quoted in the AJC blaming the media for reporting on the issue

(Photo by Joeff Davis)