Word: Octomom's fertile tentacles reach Georgia

Once again, state lawmakers know what's best for women's bodies.

State lawmakers are fearing another Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, the California single mom who recently birthed octuplets — as well as six other children — through in-vitro fertilization. As a result, legislators have introduced a controversial bill regulating fertility treatments.

"The taxpayers are going to have to fund the 14 children Nadya Suleman has. I don't want that to happen in Georgia."

Sen. Ralph Hudgens, R-Hull, in the March 3 Wall Street Journal.

"It's the right of the person who has gone through this procedure to decide what they can do with those embryos, not their doctor, and certainly not the government."

Barbara Collura of Resolve, a national infertility association, in the March 3 WSJ.

“One crazy woman out of a population of 300 million. Can we say overkill?”

A comment by “grouse” in response to a March 4 Augusta Chronicle article.

(Courtesy Senate Press Office)