Last week's top posts March 16 2009

Job fairs, layoffs and a makeover.

1. Atlanta job fair at Georgia World Congress Center (If this post had attracted thousands of visits a few years back, I'd have laughed to myself and said, "What next? Creative Loafing declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy?" Hahahahaha.)

2. Soapbox: Jekyll Island Authority 'at it again' (At 239 comments and counting, the Jekyll post is encroaching on Black Mafia Family territory. A JIA v. BMF beef? Scary.)

3. AJC layoffs: this week or next (I'm not going to make a snide remark about the abovementioned job fair. This economy is no place for snide remarks.)

4. Georgia mayor's Facebook page confuses nation (How easy it is to offend with a can of Schlitz and a pack of Camels!)

5. Sneak peek: Creative Loafing's website makeover (The euphoria of making our own top-five list is only slightly diminished by the fact that most commenters trashed our makeover. Meanies.)

(Photo by Joeff Davis)

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