Word: AJC's Sunday overhaul

Readers describe AJC marketing video

Last week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution e-mailed a marketing video to readers whose subscriptions were about to expire. The minute-long infomercial features AJC Editor Julia Wallace discussing the merits of the paper’s Sunday redesign, which debuts May 3.

“I read a newspaper and I encourage everyone I know to read a newspaper. A newspaper keeps you informed about what’s going on, but also … there’s something very special about sitting on the couch, spreading out and being able to enjoy the Sunday paper. I can’t imagine Sunday morning without it.”

— Wallace, from the AJC infomercial

“This is a zesty dipping sauce and boneless chicken delight away from being a Zaxby’s commercial.”

— “Kyle,” commenting on the infomercial on clfreshloaf.com

“Reminded me of an ad for a fabric softener instead of a newspaper, but it does have coupons, lots of coupons. I feel so fresh and bouncy now after absorbing the slow glow of that advertisement.”

— “Reality,” commenting on the infomercial on clfreshloaf.com

“Wow. It really did look exactly like a pharmaceutical commercial … ‘If it takes you longer than 4 hours to read the new color-coded paper, please see your doctor.’”

— “Kelley,” commenting on the infomercial on clfreshloaf.com

“She still thinks her readers are retarded fourth graders.”

— CB Hackworth, commenting on the infomercial on griftdrift.com__