Word: Tainted weed

Last week, metro parents added K2, aka “spice,” to the list of worries that keep them up at night after two Roswell teens wound up in the hospital from toking on herb containing synthetic THC. One of the bad-trip victims reportedly suffered swelling of the brain. State lawmakers immediately swung into action to protect kids too dumb to know how to get real pot.

"Watch your kids, know what they're doing."

— Roswell Police Lt. James McGee, as reported by Fox 5.

"It's apparently something very serious that's been under the radar. We have to do something to react before we're way behind the eight ball on it."

—    Sen. Ed Harbison, D-Columbus, as quoted in the AJC, on his bill to outlaw K2.

"Young people have no idea what they're doing when they use these drugs. It's very dangerous, it's almost like playing Russian roulette.”

—    Rep. Jay Neal, R-Lafayette, to WSB-TV, discussing his proposal to ban the fake ganja.